CorVu evens the score for ERP

CorVu evens the score for ERP

ERP applications are becoming commoditised, and developers will need to find better ways to distinguish their solutions, according to CorVu's vice president of marketing, Alan Missroon.

The business intelligence solutions vendor has announced its latest release of Balanced Scorecard, which provides a collaborative environment where supporting information and comments can be included on scorecards.

In Australia recently to promote the announcement of the next generation of its Balanced Scorecard software, Missroon said that it's becoming more difficult for VARs to distinguish why one tool set is more suitable than another.

While Balanced Scorecard is part of an integrated application suite of tools, Missroon insisted it offers more benefit to developers and resellers than tool sets that are "bolted on" to a database application.

The concept of computer automated scorecarding is to identify the key measures (metrics) of performance and reduce the need for discretionary generation of queries to the database, thereby achieving effective decision making at almost any level of the organisation.

CorVu's new Balanced Scorecard, Platinum Edition, is claimed to enhance the customer's ability to measure, analyse and manage their business performance. Missroon said that the value proposition from CorVu is about its ability to automate the analytical component of the information system, rather than provide a set of query tools. And he claimed that this translates to sales. He illustrated it by asking,"How do you put a value on even one more sale incorporating Balanced Scorecard that you would not have made if you were only selling query tools with your package?"

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