Games expo introduces new titles

Games expo introduces new titles

Over 1900 new PC and video game titles in 13 genres were introduced at last week's Electronic Entertainment Expo E3 in Los Angeles, one of the largest interactive entertainment expos held each year.

More than 400 exhibitors occupied more than 50,000 square metres of space for the show which was put on for the fifth time by the US-based Interactive Digital Software Association.

The Children's/Puzzle/Family (17 per cent of new titles) and Action (16 per cent) categories were the biggest on show while nearly a quarter of all new titles are being offered on multiple platforms. Other interesting statistics pointing to the future of gaming included the fact that one-third of new games offer an option for online play and some 40 per cent include multiplayer capabilities.

As well as software, there was a big presence from companies bringing advanced 3D tech- nology, next-generation consoles and DVD to the interactive electronic entertainment market. Hundreds of new products from hardware and peripheral manufacturers will be introduced, many with never-before-seen visual and audio technology.

The exhibition and conference was officially launched by digital visionary and best-selling author Don Tapscott. He spoke in his keynote about how video and PC games will impact cultural trends, entertainment habits and the next techno-savvy generation of users.

According to the industry body itself, ISDA members account for 85 per cent of the $6.3 billion in revenues that were generated in the US from entertainment software sales last year.

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