Oven Digital hits Sydney full of running

Oven Digital hits Sydney full of running

The recently established Sydney arm of Internet developer Oven Digital has emerged in a blaze of glory, securing two million-dollar contracts before even moving into its Pyrmont premises.

Setting up in Australia to take advantage of local talent, Oven has taken on the task of developing the New York Music Festival's online component for Digital Club Network and creating an Internet model for outspoken e-commerce critic Barry Diller and the Internet Shopping Network.

"The New York Musical Festival will be a large streaming media job, involving video and audio," explains Owen Lansbury, creative director for Oven's San Francisco office, in Australia to help with the set-up.

"Initially, it will be broadcast to 40 different venues in New York, but eventually we will be building it up into a worldwide network," Lansbury said.

Lansbury also claimed that Oven's Sydney team has "good experience in streaming media and interactive design. Because the Internet breaks down borders it means we can put the best team together for any job so Oven subcontracted this deal to Sydney."

Stringent criteria

Similarly, a contract to develop the Internet Shopping Network was awarded to the Sydney office. In this instance the challenge was to create an online shopping complex that met the stringent criteria of Oven client and Internet Shopping Network supporter Barry Diller.

"Diller has come out publicly and taken a big stab at current e-commerce models as being unworkable in the long term," claims Lansbury.

In response to this, Oven's methodology will focus on the consumer. "Ultimately, the user experience is going to be the differentiator. The Internet is now a mass market and a lot of people who are using it are not necessarily au fait with e-commerce," Lansbury added.

According to Lansbury, this has resulted in "the Sydney team looking at developing a user experience for online shoppers that appropriates things from real world experiences".

Lansbury is anticipating that Oven Sydney will begin to generate local business very shortly. "We have been talking to quite a few people and I believe Oven will offer a solidarity based around the fact that we are not built on hype and we don't have to answer to a board of directors or focus exclusively on floating the company. We can instead focus on the client."

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