Notes from the field: Bobby's ready to put his feet up

Notes from the field: Bobby's ready to put his feet up

What with my trip on the Queen Elizabeth II two weeks ago, and another to Las Vegas for NetWorld+Interop last week, I'm about ready to stay off the road for a while. I had planned to go to Microsoft's TechEd show in Dallas, but I'm trying to get out of it.

But any Microsoft developers who do attend had better live it up because the company's bigger development show that usually happens in the fall will now not take place. That's right, the original PDC, the Professional Developer's Conference, which was the launch pad for Microsoft inventions such as COM+, won't happen this year, Microsoft's PR machine confirmed.

There are two theories: either Microsoft is working so hard on getting Windows 2000 out the door that it can't stop to hold a conference, or Microsoft knows that it won't release it before the end of the year and the marketing folks don't want to relate that in person to crowds of angry developers.

Of course, Microsoft may just be having trouble organising such an event. The company's reorganisation, announced with fanfare by Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer last month, seems to be lacking traction. Internal politics - or perhaps a lack of enthusiasm for the move toward wider autonomy among business units - has delayed the implementation.

If you want to complain about the cancel-lation of the PDC, however, don't send your complaints using Microsoft's Hotmail service. While I've personally noticed significant lags in mail delivery, another reader just noted that mail sent to him via Hotmail on April 21 was finally delivered on May 11.

Meanwhile, users of Microsoft NetMeeting might find their meeting becoming a little more virtual than they intended if they are using different clients. Apparently, Internet Explorer 5 uses NetMeeting 2.11, and IE 4.0 uses NetMeeting 2.10. A reader wrote in to note that you can't use NetMeeting for a conference unless all participants are on the same version.

Well, my editors refused to let me skip TechEd. They did make one concession, however: Rose can accompany me. That's a decision they may well live to regret.

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