New solution eases Web bottlenecks

New solution eases Web bottlenecks

Testament to the maturation of the Web publishing market is the plethora of out-of-the-box solutions available. Now, vendors are fine-tuning those products with a focus on simplicity.

NCompass Labs, a Canadian-based organisation, is one of the first to take up the challenge locally, via its exclusive Australian distributor Indigo Pacific.

The release of NCompass Resolution, a Windows-based product that combines Web design and content management function-ality, is being targeted at organisations wanting a package easy enough for end users to operate.

According to NCompass Labs' officials, the explosive growth of the Internet is straining Web administrators' resources, giving rise to erroneous, disorganised and poorly maintained sites.

NCompass Resolution is designed to eradicate those problems by giving customers the ability to update Web sites themselves.

Alex Thompson, Indigo Pacific's technical manager, said the only knowledge customers require is how to use Microsoft applications because to publish to the Web they just have to drag and drop their content into NCompass Resolution templates.

Officials claim NCompass Resolution produces HTML dynamically on request from a browser so the scripting expertise normally required for Web publishing is unnecessary.

"NCompass Resolution allows organisations to build templates that enable end users to publish content directly to the Internet or an intranet or extranet, alleviating webmaster bottleneck," Joe Nardi, NCompass Labs' vice president of worldwide sales, told ARN. "Products have previously offered content management or done the publishing, but this is the first to integrate both functions in one architecture."

Nardi claims that because it separates the format of the site from the content, NCompass Resolution even enables templates to be created without any initial content.

The product also includes collaborative features that coordinate multiple authors, designers and administrators to maintain consistent workflow processes, Nardi said.

To support last week's launch of NCompass Resolution, Indigo Pacific is offering a 50 per cent discount on the normal customer price tag of $54,000.

For value-added resellers (VARs) and software developers, the enticement is even better with channel partners only charged $5000 per licence.

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