Compuware tells OpenPlus: It's a deal!

Compuware tells OpenPlus: It's a deal!

Proving the Australian developer community is brimming with creativity and inventiveness, yet another local developer has put its foot firmly on the path of international success.

OpenPlus, formerly Wilson Computer Systems, has signed an agreement with Compuware allowing the US company to resell OpenPlus' new enterprise application integration tool, christened Business Process Manager (BPM).

"Compuware will use Business Process Manager to leverage sales of its other enterprise products by enabling it to provide an integrated solution it couldn't offer before," Eric Hanich, BPM manager at OpenPlus, told ARN.

Hanich estimates the reseller agreement is likely to boost the US vendor's bank account by close to 2 million dollars over the next 12 months and expects OpenPlus to get "a big slice of that".

Attributing the ability to bring "unprecedented intelligence and simplicity to enterprise applications" to the tool developed in Sydney's Frenchs Forrest, Hanich revealed it took OpenPlus' research and development team almost a year to complete the BPM development. The Uniface-based tool allows users to "integrate their use of financial, HR, inventory and other applications" by providing a comprehensive set of training, prompting and instructing modules, he claimed. According to Hanich, Compuware approached the Australian company after seeing the BPM presentation at the Uniface trade-show conference.

The first ever deal between the two companies will see BPM sold as part of Compuware's Component Plaza enterprise suite. In Australia, the tool will be marketed, configured and installed by Compuware.


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