Inside Computing launches SLAs

Inside Computing launches SLAs

Sydney-based services provider Inside Computing chose last week's Networld+Interop 98 to launch what it claims is the first service-level agreement designed especially for SMEs.

The bonus for Australian resellers is that they can offer their customers the same sort of support as organisations like EDS, IBM Global and Unisys.

Peter Singer, Inside Computing's managing director, told ARN that since its launch as a technical service provider in 1991, the organisation has built up a huge amount of technical expertise, which can be transferred to distributors and resellers. The release of the new service-level agreement offers the channel something akin to an insurance policy, which can be sold with a new NT Server or a completely new network, for example.

The cost of the SLA for an NT server is $2000 per year, on which the reseller earns an ongoing 10 per cent commission. Hardware agreements or "intellectual service agreements" are available on a scaled rate and offer the channel the ability to provide a risk-free commissionable service to their clients.

Singer explained that Inside Computing has three main divisions: consulting and integration, thin client services and the new service-level agreements.

The consulting and integration division includes "anything IT" and has developed to the point where its services can be marketed to third-party resellers and distributors. The thin-client division has emerged as a specialist support facility for the server end of the burgeoning thin-client market, and offers a service product that, Singer believes, had not previously existed.

"There are a lot of level one and two consultants who may need to access the services of a level three yet may be concerned about bringing in a third party such as a large systems integrator," Singer said. "For a set price of $3700 per year, we can provide a complete insurance policy including full support and preventative maintenance a Citrix/Metaframe or Winframe Server."

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