Prophecy wins local tender

Prophecy wins local tender

South Australian developer Prophecy has managed to generate a profit from the otherwise depressing prospect of a new state tax by securing a $1.1 million deal to implement the Emergency Service Tax billing system.

Competing against global players such as Giac and Praxa, Alan Greig, Prophecy's executive director of sales, says the local company won the deal "primarily because the SA Government saw that this system was evolving technology. This is a new tax that will constantly be changing. They needed something that could meet this challenge."

Greig explained that ProphecyOpen, Prophecy's financial application, achieves this through its Framework technology, using object-oriented software as building blocks. "This can give the user a 100 per cent fit. They can change the application in the future without any change to the source code."

Prophecy's Framework technology also contributed to its victory in allowing the developer to promise unusually short implementation times. "The Government needed this technology up and running by September. Our Framework technology is a rapid application so we use a lot of stuff that already exists. The business work is just mapping their business processes onto our technology. It is only the very different stuff that has to be built from the ground up. They need a billing engine to produce bills for 650,000 households and a tariff system as well," claimed Greig.

Greig hoped that this deal was the beginning of a long and prosperous alliance between Prophecy and the SA Government. "We have achieved a lot of success in the government market overseas but surprisingly this is the first substantial deal we have won in South Australia. Hopefully this contract will be a showcase of our skills in the build-up to the South Australian Government's whole-of-government financials tender coming up soon."

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