Enfish TrackerPro casts a dealer net

Enfish TrackerPro casts a dealer net

If you think there is still a viable market for a useful piece of utility software that distributor NST describes as "an intelligent cataloguing, search and retrieval tool", then Enfish TrackerPro may be worth a look.

According to Tony Jones, director of NST, the product represents a "completely new paradigm for automatically organising, finding, and keeping track of information".

Jones said that the demand for Enfish TrackerPro stems from the huge and growing amount of information that PC users are having to deal with. "We are bombarded every day with e-mail information, files we receive from fellow workers, pages of information from the Web as well as all of the material we create, store, and retrieve ourselves," Jones said.

Jones claims that Enfish TrackerPro is a search engine with a difference. It can find information from virtually any kind of file - on the PC user's own hard disk, in a corporate network, e-mail, and among Web pages. Jones said it constantly monitors, cross-references, and links all of the user's information.

The Enfish product line is based on the company's patented core DEX technology. This creates a virtual "web" of all the information on the PC by automatically interconnecting, cross-referencing, and linking related information from disparate sources. It never changes, duplicates or moves documents or database files from their original locations.

For example, the user might have related information in a Word document, an HTML document, an e-mail message, and an Excel spreadsheet. "With Enfish TrackerPro, you can view a summary of all the correct data without opening any program," Jones said.

"All you need to do is give TrackerPro an idea of what you are looking for and, if it is in the system or on any Web site you have visited, it will find it."

Enfish TrackerPro runs under Windows 95, 98 or NT 4.0. E-mail support includes Microsoft Outlook Express, Eudora, Exchange (MAPI), Netscape Communicator, AOL Mail, Lotus Notes, and recent versions of Lotus CC-mail. Recommended retail price is $135.

Available from NST Worldwide

Tel (02) 9499 2900

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