Bugs & Fixes

Bugs & Fixes


Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 5 cleared up a problem that began in Service Pack 4 (SP4). According to Microsoft, NT 4.0 SP4 systems would access the hard drive every five minutes. This interfered with Power Management settings. Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 5 also fixed a problem in Windows NT 4.0 Server, Enterprise Edition, cluster service. The bug would cause a pop-up error message that said: "Clussvc: Corrupt file or Disk." After the error message, both clusters would stop responding.


The Apple Power Macintosh G3 Server has implemented newer Ethernet extensions that are incompatible with some older software. If you install some older software on a G3 system and Ethernet is missing afterward, the software probably overwrote the newer extensions. Check that the "Ethernet (built-in)" extension is Version 2.2 or later. If it is older, Apple advises a reinstallation of the system software from the CD-ROM that came with your server.


In the Lotus Notes 5 Client and Designer, there is a delay built into the calendaring and scheduling controls before conversion of the text into a time or date value. Lotus says that users may assume that they need to press F9 twice to refresh the field, but if you press F9 during that delay, then you disrupt the field refresh. The company says this problem will be fixed in a future release.

Also for Notes 5, if you are running the Lotus Notes 5 Administrator Client on an AIX or Solaris Sparc server, you will not be able to delete an empty folder using the File Panel, Delete Folder tool. You will get a status message reporting the wrong results: "Delete - Successfully processed." If you try to delete a folder that has contents, there is no warning message. A fix for this problem is also promised in a future release.

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