Harris asks suppliers for Y2K status report

Harris asks suppliers for Y2K status report

Having received many requests from its customers for written assurances in relation to the Y2K compliancy of products and services it resells, the Coles Myer Group-owned company Harris Technology is passing a lot of that responsibility onto suppliers.

According to Jennifer Lim, Y2K coordinator at Harris Technology, as a retailer there is very little it can supply in the way of assurance that the products it sells are compliant, other than passing on a status report from vendors.

"Lots of companies are approaching all their suppliers to get a picture of where they stand on Y2K compliance, so we have received quite a few requests," Lim said.

"We only do minimal product testing of our own, so we are reliant on the vendors to let us know where they stand. We just wanted some assurances from our suppliers that we can then pass on to our customers."

The letter which was titled "Year 2000 Compliance Questionanaire" went to all of Harris Technology's suppliers (those that are for its internal use and for products it resells) and asked them where they were at in terms of Y2K awareness and efforts to achieve compliance.

"Unfortunately, the Y2K problem is one that nobody can supply a guarantee for because nobody really knows what is going to happen," Lim said.

"This is not a legal document and we are not holding them to any sort of guarantee. However, we do want to make sure they are aware that our customers are asking about it and we would like to be able to show them what efforts have been made by our vendors and suppliers to ensure their goods comply.

"It is an important part of our own project to make sure the Y2K issue has a minimum negative impact on Harris Technology.

"Knowing where our suppliers and vendors stand on Y2K bug issues gives extra confidence to our customers that we are doing everything possible to face any dramas that might occur," she added.

Fast Facts

Harris Technology suppliers have been asked to:

Declare their awareness of the year 2000 issueState whether they have a compliance program underwayAdvise on when projects will beginReveal their target dates for compliancy

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