INA plan expansion through resellers

INA plan expansion through resellers

Cashing in on the Internet frenzy, domain registrar Internet Names Australia (INA) is expanding its current operations in a bid to secure 20 per cent of the .com market within a year.

And the good news for the channel is that INA plans to push its expansion into the .com, .net and .org space through the channel.

"With the names we built up our channel to 380 resellers. The proven success of this model encouraged us to adopt the same strategy to sell .com," explained Clive Flory, general manager of INA.

INA is undertaking a recruitment drive, particularly throughout the Asia-Pacific region, in search of resellers experienced at selling domain names, ISPs, Web developers, Web designers and even large legal firms. "Basically, all we need from potential partners is commitment," said Flory.

In return, INA have developed what it is anticipating will be a "fast, cheap and easy" service and support program, that Flory describes as two-pronged. "On the one hand we offer resellers an accumulated volume discount model; on the other a Web site that provides not just information but support in the form of process abilities so you can access reports related directly to how much you sell."

Specifically, INA will rely on its recently developed software to increase the automation of domain registration, consequently reducing the time it takes to register from a day to an hour. "It used to be that it would be a couple of days before you even got a response to your application. INA can give you one instantly," claimed Flory. INA has also increased its channel support infrastructure and "extended the help desk hours and given our partners PINs so they can have direct and priority access to our support services".

INA will also patronise the .com domain name and the resellers selling them. "There will be joint promotional activities to help drive traffic to resellers' sites," said Flory.

Interested resellers should contact INA at

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