Tabloid: $1bn deal

Tabloid: $1bn deal

The ink might still be drying but the salesman is getting ready to spend the commission on the latest billion-dollar deal.

Tabloid has it on very good authority that one of Australia's largest outsourcing companies has recently signed a deal to reallocate the services component of the contract it has with its largest (and Australia's largest) IT customer. There were some big winners and one very big loser.

The maintenance operation of one global player will displace that of another, inversely doubling and halving their respective services revenues in one fell swoop. Sources close to the successful bidder report that the rep who landed the deal has already bought a new Sydney beach-side house.

As for the vanquished organisation, a well-known global player used to fattening up on the lion's share of the contract, it appears to have lost its last major piece of business, and this has already led to some industry sources questioning its future viability.

Apparently, there may be several page one stories coming up about a big name selling off or closing down one of its divisions. If the said service division does end up changing ownership, the most likely buyer will shock everyone.

Domain name gets spiked as Internet companies get narkyBy Smoky PossumtreeLegend has it that one smart entrepreneur, hoping to make a fortune by doing virtually nothing, registered the name 21st Century Fox long before the idea even dawned on the 20th Century Fox company. His idea was to make Murdoch pay through the nose for the name if he wanted to take his company into the 21st century with an appropriate name change.

Well it seems as though Web superstar Spike had a similar idea trying to register the domain name before its recently formed Internet rival Oven Digital.

According to a Tabloid source, neither company has been able to register the name with Internet authorities because of their reluctance to register generic words.

However, concessions are sometimes granted for organisations with generic words in their registered company names. Oven Digital, interestingly enough, is comprised largely of ex-Spike employees. A spiteful Spike was so determined to secure the name it registered a company called Overseas Ventures E-commerce Network. Now can you guess the acronym with which Spike retried to register the domain name?

Both Spike and Oven Digital were then informed by Net authorities that neither company would be allowed to register the name and were sent to bed without any supper.

David gets Dock-Itch

At the ARN Breakfast Briefing last week, Inform's David Hancock segwayed into his speech by referring to new Aussie tennis sensation "Jelena Docherty's" win over Martina Hingis. Did our Tabloid spy hear him right or has Dokic turned Irish?

Very kosher?

The last photo we ran in Tabloid of LAN Systems' Nick Verykios in a pool at last year's Cisco Olympics drew hurtful references to whales and the Greek god's skin art. Such finger pointing inspired the network distribution high-flyer to go on a diet with his culinary restraint holding out until this bacon and eggs temptation.

Ex-channels man channels new channels

Mike Boulos, the man largely credited with establishing the Computerland name in Australia (remember Com-puterland the franchisee saga?) and who was linked with the failed Pay-TV group Australis Media, has started his own pay-TV service.

It is understood Boulos' new venture, Television and Radio Broadcasting Services Australia, is to begin providing predominantly foreign language program channels and a "soft-porn" channel from next month.

It is reported that the former IT channel heavyweight has sunk $70 million into the new project, and TARBS is chasing an estimated two million ethnic households . . . wonder if they have PCs?

Movers and shakers

John Slack-Smith, the former proprietor of Harvey Norman's Balgowlah (NSW) superstore is set to jump from the frying pan to the fishbowl as he takes on the mantle of general manager, computers and communications, from the redoubtable Tony Gattari. Slack-Smith's major challenge is filling the void of sound bites that Gattari will leave.

And IT journos are champing at the bit to hear from another news bite specialist and part-time comic, Rob Hartnett, who has emerged at multimedia group Infosentials. Formerly with HP and Apple, Hartnett is expected to have a freer rein to pursue his multi-disciplinary interests.

Uniface developer goes for Pick? This might have caused some disquiet had it not been for the fact that Compuware has appointed Alan Pick as channels manager for Australia and New Zealand. Pick's role will be to boost the support of Compuware's channel partners including its VARs in the Uniface environment.

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