Kingston readies RIMM modules for 1999

Kingston readies RIMM modules for 1999

Make sure your memory supplier has invested in the highest quality components, manufacturing and testing facilities, especially as the PC industry moves to even faster memory technologies.

This is the message from Keith Hamilton, Australasian marketing manager at Kingston Technology, as the PC industry prepares for another quantum leap in memory technology.

Support Intel platforms

Kingston has implemented a RIMM module sample program using Rambus memory techno-logy to support Intel's 1999 PC platforms, which are claimed to achieve a peak bandwidth of up to 1.6GBps using 800MHz modules.

"Kingston works closely with all the leading DRAM manufacturers, but we believe Rambus is the technology with the most stable future," Hamilton said. He added that, until recently, resellers providing memory upgrades have enjoyed a higher degree of tolerance in memory compatibility, but as the speed, demand for and availability of the newer Rambus products increases and replaces current technology, this will no longer be the case.

Since February, Kingston has reportedly shipped more than 7000 RIMM modules to leading OEMs, and is said to have its manufacturing capacity ready to meet its Rambus buddy - Intel's platform releases for 1999.

According to Hamilton, Kingston has been working with Intel and Rambus since March last year to ensure that semiconductor manufacturers and PC OEMs will be able to source premium quality Rambus RIMM memory modules in suitable volumes, and at competitive costs compared to DIMM modules.

Hamilton explained that this new RIMM module technology and platform will be particularly relevant to the growing server assembly market. He described Rambus technology as "the gateway to high-performance memory architectures that will deliver the full power to even more powerful processors".

Kingston memory products are distributed by Simms International and Tech

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