HyperRace up to MMX capability

HyperRace up to MMX capability

Hypertec's release of the Hyper-Race MxPro 180 may have some resellers in a quandary. This addition to the HyperRace processor family is said to significantly increase software performance on Pentium-based PCs to that comparable with a Pentium MMX with a speed of 180MHz.

The HyperRace MxPro 180 is a replacement processor complete with fan, and has a recommended retail price of $299. ARN sources claim the product margin to resellers could be as high as 20 per cent. Installation by a technician may be required.

Andrew Carroll, national sales manager for Hypertec, said: "Resellers who provide an upgrade to a system would not just upgrade the processor alone. The lower cost of the HyperRace MxPro 180 means the add-on business such as increased storage or memory may be more affordable for the customer."

According to Tony Prince, managing director at Sydney-based VAR ComPlus Computers, the Hypertec solution does have some merits.

"If the product comes with adequate documentation and installation is as simple as it seems, it would be an attractive option.

"If we charged $450 for an upgrade from a Pentium to MMX by replacing the motherboard and processor, we might make more margin but less profit, depending on the time taken on the job," he said.


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