Teco gets RealHelp

Teco gets RealHelp

Software distributor, Teco Business Software (TBS) has extended its range of OEM software agreements to include Quarterdeck.

This is in addition to a number of OEM distribution arrangements established earlier this year by Teco with software vendors including Seagate, Sybiz and Symantec.

While the deal with Quarterdeck includes distribution of several of its utility products, TBS has secured the exclusive distribution in Australia of an OEM version of RealHelp Extra Strength.

TBS manager, Mike Bridges said, "I believe RealHelp Extra Strength should be mandatory in every new PC sold, and it will be in every system supplied by an authorised TBS reseller. Speaking as a former IT consultant, I estimate it saves about an hour in diagnostic time when software problems occur."

Quarterdeck Australia's managing director, Earl White estimated that the distribution agreement with TBS will be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in the coming year. He said that the TBS distribution model reflects a trend in the US - where when you buy a computer, it actually does something for you - adding that RealHelp prevents many of the problems users run into.

Bridges told ARN that he expects TBS to move 60,000 copies of RealHelp Extra Strength by the end of the year. He said that the OEM version will be available to resellers provided they sign a form stating it will only be supplied with a new system and at a price of $30.

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