Zip dispute in Nomai land

Zip dispute in Nomai land

A worldwide legal dispute between data storage solution providers Iomega and relative newcomer Nomai has brought with it a quandary. Is it viable to sell an alternative supplier's disk for use on an Iomega zip drive?

ARN has been told that the local Iomega office has fired off a number of negative salvos to the channel about Nomai's XHD disk product.

The zip drive king has initiated legal action with some success against companies it believes have imported and sold Nomai's XHD disks, including Nomai itself.

According to Iomega general manager, Peter Dawson, Iomega is protecting its zip drive interests, including those of its customers, and has actions going on all over the world where Nomai has attempted to sell this product.

Iomega's legal actions have related to infringement of their trademarks as well as claims of damage caused to the zip drives by the use of Nomai disks. Ironically, Iomega's reaction flies in the face of a decision made in a US Court case which found the disks compatible with Iomega drives.

When contacted by ARN last week a Nomai spokesperson explained that the vendor is seeking legal advice and could not comment on the dispute.

But Nomai's newly-appointed Australian distributor, Taurbet Media, has responded by announcing a lifetime warranty and a performance guarantee for the disks in question.

One distributor contacted by ARN last week estimated the ex-tax reseller buy price of the Nomai XHD disks to be about $14 compared to $17 for Iomega zip disks.

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