Intel lifts and segments, unveils Celeron

Intel lifts and segments, unveils Celeron

Along with its latest offerings of Pentium II processors running at 350 and 400MHz, Intel also recently unveiled its first processor branded as Celeron, at 266MHz.

Intel's strategy is based on a three-tiered segmentation of the market according to the needs of the user, from the high-level Pentium II to the new Celeron, which it claims delivers better overall performance than the Pentium 233MHz with MMX.

"As of now, the MMX Pentium processor is replaced with the Celeron, which is based on the same P6 architecture as the Pentium II," said Intel Australia general manager, David Bolt.

As for assemblers and resellers, Bolt expects there will be some creative bundling of systems based on Pentium MMX during the transition to Celeron-based systems. The new processors and accompanying MU440 EX motherboards are expected to be available in the next few weeks.

The other side of the processing performance equation is Intel's new 440BX AGPset, which enables the P6 100MHz system bus.

Motherboards with the new chipset for PCs and servers are now available.

Intel's desktop market segments are described as: Enthusiast/Professional PC, Performance PC and Basic PC. The segments are not simply a factor of the processor, but on the overall system specifications required for the applications being used.


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