Zip on every PC . . . and beyond

Zip on every PC . . . and beyond

Iomega Asia-Pacific managing director Jeff Jeter has made the bold announcement that every PC shipped in future will come with a Zip drive.

Jeter and OEM business manager Paul Jennings were in Sydney last week to reveal that system integrator and builder Beyond Computers has become the first local PC assembler to standardise on Zip drives in every desktop PC.

Beyond Computers managing director Ken Lowe described the move as a means of gaining a competitive advantage for its Supero series of high-performance systems.

"The majority of our customers are in corporate and government markets or are heavy users of CAD and graphics applications. Over the last two years, Zip drives have become a popular option for these applications," Lowe said.

"Our decision to include an internal Zip drive as standard in the Supero Professional and Speedo, streamlines the assembly and enhances the high-performance features of the systems."

Since the inception this external blue box in Australia back in 1996, an increasing number of internal Zip drives have been sold as an add-on to new systems, according to Iomega's country manager, Peter Dawson. Of these, the majority are being installed either at the point of sale or by the user, while Dawson guessed that approximately 30 per cent of internal drives are installed by assemblers.

For resellers, if the demand for Zip drives as an inclusion in new systems increases, it will mean it is incorporated into the cost of the PC, and like the other drives, installed at the point of assembly rather than an "add-on sale".

While this might add pressure to margins, the proliferation of the drives should promote sales.

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