Insight Technologies seeks data management resellers

Insight Technologies seeks data management resellers

Insight Technologies' Asia-Pacific (ITAP) general manager Sandra Clark is a person who clearly enjoys a mission. Her current one - and she has accepted it - is to bring document management out of niche markets and into the commodity area.

ITAP is looking for partners, both VARs and developers, who can demonstrate and implement high end solutions.

"We want resellers who can apply a dedicated sales team to Insight's document management solution," Clark said. "The partners we seek would currently be involved with complementary products, possibly groupware or Lotus Notes applications."

Clark told ARN that the Insight document management system is typically sold as only part of an IT solution. Although substantially simpler than document management systems of a few years ago, which had a ratio of around 10 to one for costs of development and implementation compared to the software investment, Clark said there is still the need for development in each application.

Typically, development and installation costs are estimated to be between two and four dollars for every dollar in the initial outlay, and Clark said that the Insight data management system is much easier to implement.

Clark claims "ITAP has more leads than we know what to do with", and that data management is an exploding market in Australia.

Because productivity and customer service are two of the key factors driving business today, Clark predicts the data management market "will be bigger than the relational database market".

"We're dealing with the 80 per cent of information that RDBs can't deal with such as paper, fax, e-mail and audio based information," she said.

Meanwhile, ITAP's Canberra based reseller Insight Technology has won a data management tender for the ACT's Land Title's Office.

Paul Flaherty, the company's managing director, said the costs of document management systems have become far less prohibitive. Key to Insight Technology's success has been the partnerships formed with organisations like Commercial Computing Centre, a document conversion bureau, and networking specialist, ComTech.

"I feel we are sitting at the birth of affordable document management," Flaherty said.

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