Short-staffed resellers face tough Y2K battle

Short-staffed resellers face tough Y2K battle

-- With time running out, the rush for Y2K compliant upgrades is starting to take hold. And, according to Focus Software Australian general manager Richard Jones, many resellers are struggling to satisfy demand with limited human resources.

"A lot of our resellers are looking for more staff," he said.

Focus released CBA2000, the Y2K-compliant version of its CBA accounting package, in October last year, but of approximately 3000 sites in Australia, less than 1000 have been upgraded. The fact that Focus announced an upgrade path to its new Windows version of the package, Greentree (See ARN April 22, page 8) seems to have encouraged users to stick with the DOS-based system until they have the need to migrate.

"In the meantime," said Jones, "there's a very heavy backlog of users who will need the upgrade to CBA2000.

"We're particularly concerned with single-user sites which have lost contact with their authorised reseller, and we want to put them in touch with one as soon as possible," Jones added.

The larger authorised Focus resellers appear to be fairly well organised in relation to upgrading their customer bases. Hume Computers managing director Aidan Leathem told ARN it had employed two more consultants in the last three months to help cope with the upgrades.

"We want to maintain a balance between upgrades and standard support," he said. "Overall, people hadn't considered the importance of the Y2K upgrade until early this year, and some require major upgrades if their current version is very old -- I hope we don't run out of time," he added.

Compracc Consulting's business systems division manager, Paul Sanderson, said they have had to reorganise their consultants' time to focus more on the Y2K upgrades than system modifications or new modules.

"We have hired an additional consultant to help us cater for the upgrade demand but I don't think it's a problem. The pressure is on for us to get our bigger clients upgraded," Sanderson told ARN.

He explained that the range of users was from one module, single seats which might only take a few hours, through to multi-site, heavily modified users with every CBA module which could take 30 days.

Focus Software Corporation

Phone (07) 5476 9737.

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