Mentis launches operation COBOL

Mentis launches operation COBOL

Acucorp has fired the latest salvo in the battle for the hearts and minds of those loyal COBOL programmers with the release of the Acucobol-GT 4.0 development suite.

Marking the release of version 4, exclusive Australian and NZ distributor Mentis Technologies was visited recently by Acucorp founder, president and CEO Pamela Coker.

Coker said that more than 80 per cent of business applications worldwide were written in COBOL, and "the new product suite will allow businesses to build on their COBOL investments, taking them into the new millennium".

Mentis managing director Robert Davies explained that Acucorp's development tools are designed to take the heritage of 1960s COBOL into and beyond the year 2000, while allowing applications to be developed entirely within the COBOL syntax.

He said the new features include Internet capabilities, independent windows, grid graphical control and expanded menu and window handling functions. It runs under Windows, Windows NT, OpenVMS and a variety of Unix operating systems.

Adelaide-based Acucorp developer, Daniel Systems Australia (DSA), is a specialist in aviation applications with clients like Kendell Airlines and Lloyd Aviation. DSA senior analyst Bruce Ditter described the new version of the screen painter in Acucobol-GT 4.0 as more intuitive and over-all more supportive of the cross-platform environment.

Southcorp Finance Systems is a banking and finance applications specialist developer and a reseller of Acucobol run-time. IT manager Scott Woodward said that because of the legacy of COBOL applications, there is a very large potential for development using the Acucobol suite and its versatility of platforms.

As well as software development, project management and research, Mentis Technologies distributes Acucorp product through a network of around 150 resellers an Australia and New Zealand.


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