Dot-com-au names go under hammer

Dot-com-au names go under hammer

Craig Saunders, the founder and director of My Decision Dot-Com Dot-Au, has managed to collect one of the largest blocks of themed domain names under the code and is planning to sell them later this month as a single entity.

Over the last six months Saunders has registered 113 domain names, 113 URLs that refer travellers to these domain names and 33 associated trademark registrations, all with a my prefix such as mycomputer, mytickets and mybooks.

`We are not going to carve up the names so you can have one and he can have one. What we are actually selling is the company itself,' said Saunders.

The benefit of this, according to the financial services veteran, is twofold. Firstly, the name itself is one people will go to intuitively. And in an age that Saunders believes is moving away from search engines and portals, an icon that already exists on the desktop is a huge competitive edge.

Secondly, the fact that the names are a single block will help simplify what Saunders classifies as an unnecessarily complex task. `I'm a regular on financial e-commerce sites and even though I am highly computer literate I couldn't find stuff. And even if you did manage to find what you were looking for it would only have a brief comment about it. I once heard someone say the problem with portals is that they are a mile long and only an inch deep.'

Rather than get frustrated, Saunders started collecting and will sell the swag of names to the highest bidder on November 25. `Rather than try and create a massive beast that everyone goes to I've created something more intuitive. I've created a site where people go to perform transactions rather than because it is a branded site.'

For this reason, Saunders assures all those bricks-and-mortar companies out there that they no longer need worry about creating a brand name on the Internet; instead, people will search for generic and personalised terms, of which he claims My is the most obvious.

`The individual elements of My Decision can bypass browsers by being taken directly to the desktop, today's most valuable real estate, where the My computer icon already exists.'

Saunders has received `quite a few' expressions of interest, especially from the banking and finance industry. The offer is also being made to North American and European countries, which Saunders believes are more attuned to the fact that search engines and portals are a dying breed.

`In Australia technicians and programmers are still in charge of the Web. In North America it is the marketers who have taken over with customer service and personalisation software.'

Saunders will continue to focus on the Internet after the November deadline for offers for My Decision closes.

He anticipates that he will embark on `two or three different projects, which will probably be more financial-service and video-streaming oriented'.

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