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Allied Telesyn Secures the LAN Edge

  • 13 September, 2004 11:53

<p>Intelligent Layer 2+ Switch a Boon to Network Managers</p>
<p>Sydney, 13 September 2004 – Allied Telesyn, the leading IP-based networking solutions vendor, today announced the AT-9400 series Gigabit Ethernet and the AT-8500 series Fast Ethernet Layer 2+ stackable managed switches. These form the latest additions to its comprehensive range of switching solutions. This family of switches is targeted at a growing market segment of Layer 2+ where products with more features than simple Layer 2 are needed, but budgets do not allow for Layer 3 equipment.</p>
<p>With LAN aggregation and successful migration of core layers to Gigabit Ethernet, many Network Managers are demanding easy to manage, cost effective intelligent switches at the LAN edge. The AT-9400 and AT-8500 series are designed to address these needs with the best compromise between features, performance and value.</p>
<p>Network Managers can configure the AT-9400 and AT-8500 switches to trigger multiple network decisions such as access control list and DoS (Denial of Service) attack protection, or set rate limiting and QoS (Quality of Service) priorities to curb excessive bandwidth usage. The security features that are part of the L2-L4 intelligence of this switch are particularly useful in the prevention of DoS attacks that are currently on Network Managers’ list of Top 10 priorities. The AT-9400 and AT-8500 can be programmed against six well-known DoS attacks to join firewall and anti-virus programmes in the Network Manager’s arsenal of network protection. With its advanced security features, Allied Telesyn’s AT-9400 and AT-8500 switches offer cost effective port security for high risk areas such as visitor meeting rooms where possible security loop-holes may exist.</p>
<p>The AT-9400 have a switching capacity of 48Gbps and come with 22 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 2 active SFP/GBIC ports and 2 standby 10/100/1000TX ports. The AT-8500 come with various configurations of 10/100TX or FX ports with GBIC or SFP and expansion slots and have a switching capacity of 8.8Gbps. These alleviate bottlenecks by boosting bandwidth performance, allowing for optimising network resources and better management of IT expenditure. This gives Network Managers the best of both worlds – better control and security over their network without the high costs that CFOs frown upon.</p>
<p>Network Managers of cost and security conscious government, financial, education institutions or enterprises and multi-tenant units will select the Allied Telesyn AT-9400 for its feature-rich value packed one RU form factor. Combined with Allied Telesyn’s Enhanced StackingTM technology that allows up to 24 switches in different locations to be virtually stacked, quickly managed and re-configured through one single IP address, this intelligent switch family will definitely be a boon to Network Managers.</p>
<p>The L2+ managed switches are available in the following options:</p>
<p>Model: AT-9424T/GB; Description: 0/100/1000TX x 22 ports Gigabit Ethernet, 2 active SFP ports, 2 standby 0/100/100TX ports; Available: Now
Model: AT-9424T/SP ; Description: 10/100/1000TX x 22 ports Gigabit Ethernet, 2 active GBIC ports, 2 standby 10/100/100TX ports; Available: Now
Model: AT-8524M; Description: 10/100TX x 24 ports, 2 expansion slots;
Available: Now
Model: AT-8550GB; Description: 10/100TX x 48 ports, 2 active GBIC slots, 2 standby 10/100/1000T ports; Available: End Oct.
Model: AT-8550SP; Description: 10/100TX x 48 ports, 2 active SFP slots, 2 standby 10/100/1000T ports; Available: End Oct.
Model: AT-8516F/SC; Description: 100FX (SC) x 16 ports, 2 expansion slots; Available: End Oct.
Model: AT-8516F/MT; Description: 100FX (MT-RJ) x 16 ports, 2 expansion slots; Available: End Oct.</p>
<p>About Allied Telesyn International
Allied Telesyn has been an innovator in the development and manufacturing of high-quality, low-cost networking solutions since 1987. The company’s diverse portfolio of solutions, scales to optimize networks for any distance, speed, security or legacy integration. Allied Telesyn’s core to edge technologies range from simple Ethernet adapters, hubs and media converters to robust multilayer Gigabit Ethernet switches; from network management, wireless and security solutions to Carrier Class solutions that deliver realtime multimedia. Allied Telesyn’s flexible service and support programmes are tailored to meet a wide range of wide range of customer needs and are designed to protect customers’ Allied Telesyn investments well into the future.</p>
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