E-commerce trivia & the Y2K countdown

E-commerce trivia & the Y2K countdown

E-commerce trivia

Did you know that:

Spending on Internet and e-commerce site development is anticipated to grow from $US11.8 billion in 1999 to $43.6 billion worldwide by the year 2002.

A US online gaming site called began to air personalised, full-screen "e-mercials," presenting full-screen size ads between regularly scheduled games, so there is no way for users to navigate their way out of seeing e-mercials. currently lists a total of 114 books on electronic commerce.

The Y2K countdown

With all of the dire predictions about power outages and food shortages in January 2000, advertising executive Stan Chrzanowski dreamed up the Y2K Survival Kit ( as a gag gift. It includes the following:

A compass to help you find your way to the nearest wilderness to start a new human raceA tiny squirt gun to ward off critters who want to confiscate your food stashA magnifying glass to help start a fireA candle for use when the lights go outA pencil and pad of paper to use for communicating when the e-mail is gonePlant seeds for starting your own food supply or for desperate munching

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