Safetynet's Yes2K catches Y2K bugs on NT

Safetynet's Yes2K catches Y2K bugs on NT

Here are several confusing questions surrounding year 2000 issues on PCs: is Windows NT year 2000 compliant? If not, what effect will non-compliant hardware have on NT? Microsoft has done little to alleviate this confusion, but Safetynet has a solution: its Yes2K NT is designed to get around NT's hardware abstraction layer, which masks hardware characteristics from some applications, and it gets to the heart of the year 2000 issue on a PC.

In my testing, Yes2K found a CMOS year 2000 problem on a PC running NT Server after free BIOS checkers failed to detect the problem. Yes2K consists of a test program (one for DOS, one for Windows), the Compliance Manager management console (where results are gathered) and software that can be installed by the test program to fix some year 2000 issues.

Bugs and fixes

On NT, this software takes the form of an NT service that was able to fix the CMOS problem that Yes2K had identified on my machine.

The only drawback to Yes2K is that it does not offer the full-featured testing of application software. However, Yes2K is best if you have standardised applications running on diverse hardware platforms, or on networks with many NT machines to supplement tools for applications and user data.

The Bottom Line

Yes2K NT

This year 2000 tool is specifically designed to test year 2000 glitches on PC hardware running the Windows NT operating system. Yes2K boasts technology that should get around the NT hardware abstraction layer: It was able to provide more accurate analysis of hardware problems during my tests.

Pros: Simple to configure; nice centralised reporting for results.

Cons: Only analyses PC hardware; doesn't look at applications or user data.

Platforms: DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT.

Safetynet Yes2K NT can be downloaded for a 30-day evaluation from safetynet's Web

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