Notes from the field: Not just Star Trek fans appreciate Notes

Notes from the field: Not just Star Trek fans appreciate Notes

It seems I was mistaken when I said Lotus is advertising Notes Release 5 only during Star Trek, but thanks to several readers who contacted me, I'm starting to build up a better picture of who Lotus sees as its target customer.

From what I have gleaned so far, Lotus is pitching its product at IT managers with enquiring minds (the Discovery Channel) and small children (the Learning Channel), and those who are also conspiracy theorists (The X-Files). This is, of course, aside from what I already knew - that Lotus believes every customer walks around with fake pointy ears saying: "Live long and prosper."

One company whose legal hopes are not prospering is, of course, Microsoft, and now I hear PC vendors are starting to pile on the agony.

It seems that, led by Dell, the push is on to let Microsoft be allowed to offer a no-OS option on desktop PCs. They already have this capability for the server, but the Windows licence currently precludes them from doing this on the desktop.

Although allowing this move would seem to position Microsoft in a better light considering its trial, Oracle's Larry Ellison apparently doesn't think the trial is going far enough.

Throw 'em in jail

Ellison, who is familiar with the inside of a courtroom himself, shared his opinion about the Microsoft trial during a large, internal meeting last week.

Ellison reportedly told those at the meeting that the top Microsoft executives ought to be put in jail.

Of course, that comment doesn't come as a shock. It was just a matter of time before Ellison or Sun's Scott McNealy said it. My apology to McNealy if I'm giving the wrong zealot credit for being first.

If you ask me, Lotus has missed the really best TV program for Notes: the Teletubbies' Tinky Winky looks far more like a Lotus Notes user than a gay icon to me.

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