Early PIII reaction positive

Early PIII reaction positive

The early reaction to the launch of the Pentium III by the OEM market appears to be positive and, according to distributors, the pre-launch publicity has generated strong interest and demand.

Synnex product manager Kee Ong said that the company had run its own Pentium III promotion for system builders, including a free graphic card, and described the response as "amazing". He added that the incremental cost of a PIII 450 over a PII was "only about $60", and this has not been difficult for system builders to justify.

Todaytech CEO Jack Zhong confirmed early demand has been strong and OEM customers have appreciated the value of Intel's advertising and promotion for the Pentium III.

At the launch though, Intel Australian general manager David Bolt acknowledged the chip giant had "touched a nerve" with its unique serial numbers. Each Pentium III chip has its own identification number built in to the core, which enables the processor and the PC to be identified.

Bolt said that most PC assemblers would ship the systems with the identifier ability switched off, which would protect unassuming users.

Available in 450 and 500MHz, Bolt expects the Pentium III PCs to be priced between $2499 and $4500.

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