Notes from the field: Bobby's got some tips, Rose's mind is on Monica

Notes from the field: Bobby's got some tips, Rose's mind is on Monica

Always one to make snap judgements, it took Rose four minutes to decide that Monica Lewinsky was an immature tramp who deserved everything she got. But we still had to sit through the entire two-hour interview, because Rose wanted to see the bit when Monica burst into tears - which she assured me would happen, "because everyone who's interviewed by Barbara cries".

I hear few users shed tears when Network Associates' forums went down a couple of weeks ago, as I reported then. A tipster says the company had been routinely deleting any posts it considers inappropriate. The only thing is, it wasn't deleting obscenities or anything like that; apparently the deletions were made whenever anyone had the audacity to criticise the company's technical support.

In other news, I'm told Compaq has quietly built Intel emulation into its Alpha processors, so that Linux applications for Intel can be moved to Alpha without having to change the instruction sets. Compaq could always look to LinuxCare for help: the outfit is trying to foster the development of an open-source support alliance that would span Sendmail and Apache, etc.

But while Linux prospers, the factions surrounding the previous great threat to Microsoft - Java - are at each others' throats. IBMers are not happy that Sun's Java Profile for the Enterprise uses the word "Java" - Sun's formula for stringing its products together. Why not just say Sun Profile for the Enterprise? Good thing Sun owns the Java name.

As part of its ongoing Harmony project, Computer Associates has built bidirectional bridges between Distributed COM and Enterprise JavaBeans.

CA plans to roll out Harmony at CA World in July, if it can get the bickering tools vendors needed to support it in line. Because most of these tool vendors compete with CA somewhere in their product line, it would seem these relationships are short on trust.

I guess that Monica trusts good ol' Barbara - she cried buckets of tears. As usual, Rose was right, as she keeps telling me.

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