Cisco quits token ring group

Cisco quits token ring group

Claiming its customers have little interest in open high-speed token ring products, networking kingpin Cisco yesterday withdrew from the High-Speed Token Ring Alliance, a vendor association created to drive development of products that run at 100Mbps.

Cisco is now pushing proprietary products that let token ring traffic run over Fast Ethernet networks. Such products are already shipping, but standards-based devices aren't expected until later this year after a specification for high-speed token ring is completed.

Cisco joined the High-Speed Token Ring Alliance with other leading networking players when the group was formed last year. "But since then, we've talked to our customers to see how much interest there is in open high-speed token ring products and have found there's very little," said Randall Campbell, Cisco's US product line manager for token ring switching.

"Most of our customers are interested in our plan, which has products available today," Campbell said.

"They're interested in starting implementations and migrations today."

Cisco has no plans to develop products that will comply with the emerging high-speed token ring specification, he said, although that could change if there is a groundswell of interest in the specification in the future.

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