Tabloid: Ingram's secret exposed

Tabloid: Ingram's secret exposed

It has been common knowledge within the industry for the last six months that it was only a matter of time before Hewlett-Packard would take on giant global distributor Ingram Micro. However, both parties have remained stubbornly tight-lipped when it has come to confirming the deal would happen.

However, at the launch last week of the new Ingram head office in Silverwater, Sydney, Tabloid was amused to keep running into the crew that would be responsible for managing none other than the Hewlett-Packard range.

It's got to be difficult to keep the cat in the bag when you're parading product managers for a yet-to-be-announced vendor around. So it was no surprise when the two finally confirmed last week that Ingram and HP's relationship would commence in July.

The Ingram folk kicked on after the official party at the Bristol Arms in Sydney, home of Retro, for a boozy night which left a certain accompanying Tabloid journalist feeling much the worse for wear the following day.

Rerigging the rootail sails

New terms and acronyms come around as quickly as breakthrough technology in the IT industry, so we have to forgive those forced to deal with all this turmoil for occasional confusion.

One prominent spokesperson for a major retailer gave all and sundry at Tabloid a laugh the other week when tripping over on one of the latest buzzwords. Talking about plans for his soon-to-be-launched wizz-bang new Web site, the said man, who you would think would know better, pointed to his ultimate goal of making the Web site into a "porthole".

When you think about it, I guess there is not a lot of difference between a portal and a porthole. Both represent an opening, which provides a view of the world. We'll just buckle up the yardarms on that one, perhaps run it up the mast and then let you laugh at such buggery on the high Cat BeauchampIT robberies becoming a yawnrobberies of computer suppliers have become commonplace, and unless the crime nets an above-the-threshold haul, there would appear to be little interest.

Over-stretched and under-resourced police are able to do very little other than file a report - and you can get a copy for a fee of $36 - while the victims adopt an attitude of "don't bother, it's covered by insurance . . ."

An inner-Sydney software supplier was broken into recently, reportedly losing $60K worth of stock, while nearby and within two days a small hardware distributor was hit for about $30K worth of CPUs, memory and other components.

The first victim wanted to avoid publicity - apparently it happens to them too often - and "anyway, it's covered". The second gathered its staff the morning after the robbery, assembled any information including a description of some suspicious recent visitors, and, well, no further Police investigation. When Tabloid enquired about the crimes, the respective investigating officers were not due in the office for 6 days. by Sandy CremornePlayboy uncoveredEver wondered what it's like to work in IT at a place like Playboy? Tabloid has secured an extract from an interview by IDG's Leslie Goff with Rich Cupertino, manager of technology services, Playboy Entertainment, a division of Playboy Enterprises.

Main location: Beverly Hills, California.

Number of IT staff: Six in Beverly Hills; 40 to 45 throughout Playboy Enterprises.

How many are women? None. "Every time I've started to make a woman an offer, she's taken a job somewhere else."

Dress code? "Business casual, Dockers and a nice shirt."

Security badge/card needed to get into building or office? "Yes, absolutely."

Why absolutely? "Being Playboy, we have to be particularly careful in that area, based on the enthusiastic fan that is trying to hunt down his idolised Playmate. Sometimes the enthusiasm in the fan mail raises concerns."

Little perks? "When we're having a charitable event in a nightclub, the employees are invited, and you see a lot of celebrities. And you see a lot at the Mansion parties."

Celebrity sightings? Ben Affleck, Shannen Doherty, Robert Stack, Red Buttons.

What's the biggest misconception about working at Playboy? "A lot of vendors who come to my door, when they're sitting in my guest chairs, say, 'Wow, this looks like a regular business here.' And I always say, 'Well, did you really expect that it would just be one big orgy behind corporate doors?' And they say, 'Yeah'."

Have you ever met Hugh Hefner? "Oh, yes. I've been in his company many times because I am responsible for supporting Playboy Mansion." and

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