Harris Technology loses $200,000 worth of notebooks

Harris Technology loses $200,000 worth of notebooks

Australia's suppliers aren't the only ones clambering to get a piece of Harris Technology's success.

Over $200,000 worth of Toshiba, Compaq and IBM notebooks was stolen during a daring dawn break-in last week at the company's North Sydney retail operation.

"They got in by cutting a hole in the fire escape door," HT managing director Ron Harris said.

"As soon as they gained entry, an alarm went off and they were gone by the time police arrived six or seven minutes later.

"They must have had a team of guys. We still have quite a bit of product here, but they were in for long enough to do some damage," Harris said.

As computers become increasingly commoditised, getting rid of stock through black market channels is getting easier and product is more of a target for average mug criminals. The total value of the 44 missing notebooks came to $205,946, Harris said.

Professional job

Investigating officers reported the break-in had all the hallmarks of a "professional job" and that these sort of robberies were on the rise. This is especially so with notebooks which are small and easy to get rid of.

The stolen notebooks had only just arrived, but Harris said it didn't appear to be an inside job. "You only have to walk into the store to see we usually have pretty good stock levels and they didn't take all of our best notebooks," Harris said.

Though more likely to turn up at computer swap meets, pubs and the Trading Post, dealers are warned to be wary of any cheap notebooks from unauthorised channels.

Serial numbers on the 44 missing notebooks are listed on the Harris Technology Web site (

North Sydney Police

Tel (02) 9956 3199

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