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In versions of Lotus Notes before 4.5.5 and 4.6.2, if you tried to forward a document that had a file attachment, and the attachment's size was a multiple of 61,440 bytes, you probably saw this error: "Object size cannot be zero." The problem, according to Lotus, is that this is the size of an internal Notes buffer. If you can't upgrade to one of the fixed versions, a temporary solution is to slightly alter the size of the attachment.


If you are running Microsoft Client Services for NetWare on a Windows NT 4.0 computer that has Service Pack 3 or Service Pack 4 installed, you may have problems with long file names. Microsoft says that CSNW may get an error if you try to rename a long file name that was created at a command prompt using COPY CON, and it was saved into a NetWare 3.x or 4.x server directory. There is no fix.

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