Notes from the field: Bobby doesn't like the Super Bowl or the Rose Bowl

Notes from the field: Bobby doesn't like the Super Bowl or the Rose Bowl

Rose has yet to return from Mexico, but she left me an answering machine message to call her friend Jeremy and tell him we would attend his Academy Awards party. So I called to confirm and someone named Miguel answered. I told him we would attend the party. But then he asked me if I had my Super Bowl picks ready for the party, and not wanting to even know what that was supposed to mean I said yes, which he said was fabulous.

But Miguel isn't the only one sending confusing messages last week. Steve Jobs held an event on the Apple campus about the company's move toward open source. As is typical, the Apple Web site put a positive spin on this decision. But then the open-source community and sceptics pointed out the many inconsistencies.

Among them, whether Apple Mac OS X Server includes a mail server. At the event, Jobs said no, but the Apple Web site said it includes Sendmail 8.9. Another issue concerned the server's capability to run current Mac OS applications. Jobs again said no, but one of his staff said an early version of the emulation software is included but not stable, and beta users have since said it runs fine - but is a memory hog.

Boared with Microsoft

Speaking of hogs, one developer is getting boared with Microsoft. His company is writing Java-based products for Windows CE and they encountered a Microsoft snafu recently as all references to J++ support for WinCE and SDKs disappeared from Microsoft's WinCE Web site. The company had been able to run its product across Windows 95/98, Linux, and WinCE previously, but is now left in the shadows as Microsoft blocks the Sun.

Speaking of being in somebody's shadow, Rose returns from vacation in a mere two days. I'd already filled out my Oscar picks for the party, lessening the odds she will ridicule my selections. I just think Tom Hanks played a better role. I don't play by Rose's rules whereby the cutest nominee gets the vote. At least I'll have people to back me up on this at the party.

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