What's happening with Y2K?

What's happening with Y2K?

The millennium bug may be upon businesses sooner than they have planned for according to a recent Gartner Group report. With this in mind developers are fast forwarding the creation of a slew of products to counter the looming threat and governments are rushing through legislation to control the undercurrent of uncertainty in the Australian economyGartner Group predicts when Y2K failures will occurSAN DIEGO- System failures due to the millennium bug will not be restricted to January 1, 2000 according to research by the GartnerGroup, which claims failures are set to increase during 1999, reach a crescendo throughout 2000 and subside during 2001.

Announced earlier this month at the research analysist's Predicts 99 conference, only 8-10 per cent of the total number of Y2K failures are going to occur within the two-week period before and after January 1, 2000 claimed Lou Marcoccio, GartnerGroup research director.

Maroccio stated there was still a large amount of misinformation surrounding when Y2K problems are likely to occur and that 25 per cent of total failures will happen throughout 1999, as many companies enter a new fiscal year and forecasting systems enter new quarters.

The research surmounted to people making too many contingency plans for the one date claims Maroccio, saying only 55 per cent of total Y2K-related failures will happen throughout 2000, with a further 15 per cent over the course of 2001.

Good Samaritan bill spreading across AustraliaADELAIDE-- Australian states and territories are quickly adopting "Good Samaritan" legislation following the Federal Government's passing of Y2K information disclosure legislation last month, with South Australia and Victoria leading the charge.

South Australia has become the first state to pass the legislation with the Year 2000 Information Disclosure Bill sailing through last week, with the Victorian Government also introducing the Bill to parliament.

The Bill encourages the voluntary disclosure of information regarding a company's Y2K state of readiness without the fear of legal liability.

"It is important that the other States follow suit as early as possible so as to ensure that Australia maintains its position as a world leader in terms of Y2K readiness," said senator Richard Alston, Federal Minister of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts.

Despite the Federal Government's introduction of the Good Samaritan legislation on February 26, a spokesperson for Senator Alston's office claims it is necessary for the States to mirror the legislation because of constitutional limitations concerning the Federal Government's Bill. "Passing complementary legislation ensures complete coverage," he said.

Universal hardware fix for Y2K

BEIJING-- Leading the race to develop a universal fix for hardware Y2K remediation, Australian company Y2K Corporation is set to announce it has done just that at COMDEX China 1999.

The complete millennium bug fix for hardware called Y2K++, simply plugs into a PC's parallel or serial port and replaces the machine's Real Time Clock and BIOS chip software, company officials claim.

"Y2K++ is the only 100 per cent reliable solution that has been developed to tackle the hardware issues associated with the millennium bug," claims Richard Kabzinski, Y2K Corporation's vice president of engineering.

The Y2K++ product works by overriding the internal RTC and BIOS chip through an application embedded in the operating system each time the PC is booted up and has already undergone independent testing said a statement released by the developer.

MicroGram offers hardware quick fix

SYDNEY -- A local distributor has announced a Y2K quick fix for PC hardware in the form of a Y2K BIOS Card.

The card plugs into an 8-bit ISA slot (with jumpers to select alternative base addresses should a clash occur), replacing a PC's RTC with its' own RTC chip.

Imported exclusively from Taiwan, Judy Nolte, MicroGram marketing director, said the Y2K BIOS Card is also double buffered to account for the Crouch-Echlin effect.

The Y2K BIOS Card costs $129 including sales tax with reseller and quantity discounts available For more information see

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