Y2K toolkit for small business

Y2K toolkit for small business

Sydney-based distributor Raidar Distribution Australia has secured the exclusive distributorship of a millennium bug auditing tool designed to check the Y2K compliance of small businesses -- right across the enterprise.

Developed in Townsville by Australian company Year1, Jamie Terauds, managing director of Raidar Distribution Australia, claims the Y2K Toolkit fills a void for small businesses seeking a cost-effective program for tackling their Y2K issues.

"Small businesses simply need to know how the problem will affect them, and the steps they need to take to implement Y2K checks and compliancy measures," he said.

Broken into four sections, the Y2K Toolkit includes an overview of the implications of the millennium bug to small business, an online tutorial, installation guide and the compliance checking software. Terauds claims the product is a complete solution addressing the entire company's infrastructure, up to and including the telephone system.

"Too many resellers are too scared to carry out a Y2K audit for a company, for fear of being held responsible if something does go wrong. As a result, they're losing business by turning customers away," said Terauds.

"The real selling point is that resellers can offer their customers a solution, which the customer can implement themselves without the reseller being held responsible or liable. The customer gives themselves 'a Y2K tick' and the reseller doesn't lose the business."

Targeting system integrators, Terauds told ARN there are "very good" margins to be made -- up to 30 per cent on the RRP of $275, with an estimated system integrator price of around $195.

As an auditing tool, Terauds claims the Y2K Toolkit points customers towards the relevant products and services which the business may require in its Y2K solution, therefore generating return business or add-ons.

"It provides companies with a list of questions to ask their reseller. Such as what products and/or patches they require, possibly right up to a new machine," he said. "There's no other product on the market which does this, it really is like a Y2K for dummies."

Bundling the product for a limited time with Due Diligence 2000, a hardware auditing tool/fix costing an additional $35 per seat, Terauds is confident of good market penetration.

"Of the 400,000 genuine small businesses that wouldn't have a Y2K solution yet, we'd be looking to reach about 10 per cent of that market," he said.

Sold solely to resellers, the Y2K Toolkit can be purchased online at

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