Notes from the field: Can Bobby afford to eat this much humble pie

Notes from the field: Can Bobby afford to eat this much humble pie

Rose is still making me eat humble pie for my column two weeks ago. It's not that she bears grudges, it's just that she knows when she's on to a good thing. So far, that column has cost me two dinners out, two new outfits for her, and a night at the theatre. I hope she forgives me before I'm bankrupt.

Mind you, I've also been eating humble pie elsewhere: if the CEO of PowerBasic is to be believed, there is absolutely no truth in the rumour that, as I said last week, Microsoft is out to buy the company and fire all its employees.

I also got mixed messages about my tip concerning Microsoft's removal of Hotfixes from its Web site. Although a Microsoft staffer contacted me to say Hotfixes were never meant to be posted on the Web site in the first place, I also heard that they are still available both on the site and in the FTP area. Believe who you want to, I guess.

There seems to be general disagreement in the air at Inprise, nŽe Borland, as well. We all heard the surprise news that chairman and CEO Del Yocam et al left Inprise in a hurry, but we didn't get the "why". (Incidentally, Rick LeFaivre, Inprise's highly regarded senior vice president of R&D, also left in the top-drawer exodus.)The buzz is that Inprise is suffering from broad disagreement over to whom to sell itself - or parts of itself. Word is that a sale in inevitable but that the board is torn over who the buyer should be. Who better than Microsoft as a bidder to raise such hackles?

An exodus may also be imminent at Nissan North America, which, according to one reader, will outsource all of its IS functions to IBM Global Services in August. However, the approximately 300 Nissan IS employees may be offered jobs at IBM. All areas of IS, including mainframe, server, and network support, will be outsourced. This is an edict from parent company Nissan Motor Limited in Japan, as a part of reducing costs, I'm told.

While I was writing this column, Rose walked in with a stack of vacation brochures. It looks like there may be a bigger price to pay before I earn her forgiveness.

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