Wiliam Design flourishes online

Wiliam Design flourishes online

Most analysts believe the future of Web design can be summed up by the expression "integrated solution". What they don't tell you is that the multifaceted approach to the provision of Web-development services has already arrived - in the shape of Sydney-based Wiliam Design.

Robert Beerworth, the company's young founder and a member of "generation T", says it all started when an underground newspaper he published while at school and had taken online received over one million hits and unprecedented media attention. The road from there to the pages of Wired and serious business was smooth.

"One of the directors at Flourish Flower Merchants heard about us and asked us to do a site for the company," Beerworth recalls.

"We started off with seven different interfaces and for that reason the site development took 10 times longer than it would have otherwise. But we just had so many different ideas," says the young entrepreneur. The result was a funky e-commerce-enabled site that was well worth the money spent, according to Vanessa Rickard, Flourish Flower Merchants' owner.

Since then, Wiliam Design has grown rapidly. Not only has it been commissioned to design sites for the likes of TNT and the Sydney Theatre Company, it has also developed several arms to its core business and is preparing for the release of what Beerworth describes as a "revolutionary e-commerce product", developed in-house. Not bad for a company in which the average age of employees is around 20.

Yet, it has all been built on the idea of a "one-stop-development-shop" that led Beerworth to believe that customers should be able to get consulting, design, Web-hosting, domain and support all in one place.

The strategy has certainly worked for Wiliam Design, whose name keeps popping up in unofficial conversations on potential takeovers. See if it works for you too.

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