Compaq pins enterprise hopes on zero downtime

Compaq pins enterprise hopes on zero downtime

Out to set itself apart from the pack, Compaq recently launched its most aggressive push ever into enterprise computing with the NonStop ebusiness Solutions initiative, which is based on the assumption that Internet computing doesn't tolerate any downtime. Compaq's senior vice president, John Rose, recently spoke with IDG's Paul Gillin and Matt Hamblen about his predictions for the new venture.

IDG: Your enterprise focus sounds similar to IBM's and Hewlett-Packard's. What's different?

Rose: The nonstop piece is a clear difference. We are going to be driving nonstop computing toward volume platforms. We are also more partner-oriented. All our software business is managed only through partnerships. IBM wants to sell you its own software.

What progress are you making in integrating the field forces from Digital and Tandem?

We have one Compaq field force. The account executive is the single face to the customer. The [account executive] is a generalist, but behind the lines is a series of specialists in different products and industries. For example, we have storage experts who can sell just as well as an EMC specialist would.

What verticals are targeted?

Compaq began developing expertise in communications and financial verticals three years ago. Both Digital and Tandem fit that model nicely. We also have a focus on manufacturing and the public sector.

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