Notes from the field: A Rose by any other name

Notes from the field: A Rose by any other name

I will never figure out Rose. She works out every day at the gym, climbing the Stairmaster. True, this is massively offset by her indulgences at night, but recently we were driving to see Rufus Wainwright in concert. Once again she insisted we use the overly expensive valet parking. Why, if she spends money to climb imaginary stairs in the morning, would walking from the parking lot to the concert be a problem the very same evening?

Rose may as well get a job at EMC, whose offices are so overcrowded that the company provides its engineers with valet service rather than letting them drive around looking for parking.

Larry Ellison is down with OPP - the new Oracle Partner Program that will replace the company's Cooperative Applications Initiative. Ellison went off on erstwhile supply-chain partner Industri-Matematik International (IMI) a couple of weeks ago at the Oracle Applications User Group in San Diego, complaining that IMI had messed up a software implementation at marquee customer Kellogg's and left egg on Oracle's face.

In fact, Oracle is so unhappy with the whole project - a collaboration of five software vendors under the Oracle umbrella to make supply-chain and manufacturing applications - that Ellison vowed never again to resell, support, or endorse anyone else's products.

"I feel stupid," Ellison told a roomful of journalists and analysts. "We're very disappointed. Whether the relationship's successful or unsuccessful, it's a mistake for Oracle to resell other people's software."

Virgin vacation

Finally, while many people are planning to avoid air travel on December 31 because of Y2K concerns, Virgin Atlantic staff and customers do not have to worry. The entire fleet will be grounded from Dec 31 until the following afternoon. The airline claims this isn't related to Y2K, but that the airline is merely giving its staff a vacation. One wonders how many crew members will be enjoying their vacation somewhere other than their homes, due to the nature of the flight schedules.

Given the chance, a mandatory vacation that would keep me away from Rose for a day does sound like it would be nice every now and then.

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