ERP vendor lays service cred on the line

ERP vendor lays service cred on the line

One of the biggest bugbears ERP customers continue to have is the endless implementation cycles and excessive deployment costs charged by vendors and integrators.

However, Epicor, the vendor formed from the merger of Platinum Software and DataWorks, has unveiled the Up-Front Guarantee program that is claimed to significantly reduce the impact of these customer concerns.

Under the terms of the program, Epicor's implementation costs will not exceed the list price of the software.

The software vendor also claimed it would undertake to implement a customised ERP system in a prearranged timeframe of between 90 days and nine months.

According to David van Toor, Epicor's director and general manager, Australia/New Zealand, the importance of treating small business customers on a par with large corporates cannot be stressed enough.

"Most of the needs of small and medium organisations cannot be served by traditional ERP systems that have been designed for large organisations," he claimed.

"The Up-Front guarantee ensures that these customers will not pay more for implementation than the list price of the software itself."

The guarantee covers a range of typical ERP services that a customer would require, including defined levels of customisation, data conversion and training.

The implementation fee structure is based on a maximum one-to-one ratio of software to services according to the list price of the applications purchased.

Under the terms of the guarantee, customers can withhold payment of 10 per cent of the implementation fees if Epicor fails to meet specific timelines and deliverables.

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