RealNetworks launches in Australia

RealNetworks launches in Australia

Resellers looking to add value to their customers' Web sites through streaming video and audio can now look to the RealNetworks range, after that company announced the opening of a local office and a distribution agreement with Express Data yesterday.

RealNetworks has committed four people to the local operation which will be headed up by Chris Jacobson, formerly of 3Com. In addition to Jacobson, RealNetworks has employed two sales reps and a system engineer to support local customers and resellers.

The company has committed to a three-tier distribution model here in Australia, with the signing of Express Data as its exclusive distributor. All future deals and orders will go through the Express Data channel, Jacobson said at yesterday's launch.

"We're aiming to build a RealNetworks 'ecosystem'," Jacobson said. "We can't do this without partners."

RealNetworks was not just announcing product availability, though.

It also announced that it would offer consulting services, again to be front-ended by Express Data's resellers. These consulting services will be outsourced to two companies, one from Sydney and one from Melbourne. Jacobson was not yet ready to announce who the consulting organisations would be, claiming that they were "still in negotiations".

Aiming for a 400 per cent increase on the current installed base of RealNetworks servers (which officials claimed they could not put a figure to), the company aims to be the "Cisco of streaming audio".

"Streaming media is going to take over everything," said Mike Tyler, RealNetworks managing director for Asia-Pacific. "So far we have been constrained by bandwidth, but that problem is rapidly going away."

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