Notes from the field: Bobby's close to using the Force

Notes from the field: Bobby's close to using the Force

This past week, Rose and I saw the eagerly anticipated The Phantom Menace. It was interesting seeing the young Anakin Skywalker - I wondered how a boy so innocent could be groomed into a Jedi, but then eventually accept his destiny with the Dark Side of the Force as Darth Vader.

According to someone in the know, the destiny of Oracle president and chief operating officer Ray Lane might be to serve as the next chief executive at Hewlett-Packard.

Lane will assume the role due to Lew Platt's previously announced plan to depart the venerable HP, which is now essentially a holding company that unites four diverse business units. Lane has served as president of Oracle's Worldwide Operations and as president of Oracle USA. But should Ray decide to leave, who is going to mind the Oracle store while Larry sails the ocean blue?

Rarely a week goes by without users having bad experiences with Hotmail, Microsoft's free Web e-mail service.

One reader recently had a problem getting locked out of Hotmail, but was able to see more of her folders disappear as she tried refreshing the page.

She tried, but was unable to recover her password through Hotmail's system, because she has had her account for more than two years, and Hotmail didn't have the same registration fields when she first started using the site. She said Hotmail told her it is researching the issue.

Texas Governor George W Bush, Jr is supposedly trying to shut down www.gwbush. com, which is a very convincing parody site of the supposed presidential candidate.

This explains why Time recently reported that Bush has also purchased 60 other domain names, including and as a means of future damage control. My bet is that anti-Bush activists will think up insults faster than Bush can buy domain names, however.

As for personal damage control, Rose insists that we attend The Love Letter, some new chick flick, as penance for dragging her to the midnight Star Wars showing.

I hope we won't be staying near any movie theatres in Dallas during Microsoft's TechEd.

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