Tabloid: Which way does data flow?

Tabloid: Which way does data flow?

Rumours continue to abound in relation to the ramifications of Dataflow being eliminated from the Microsoft channel, which insiders say was worth 30 per cent of the software distributor's revenues.

Losing such a significant chunk of its turnover could explain why "13 or 14" staff at the company were given their DCMs one Friday recently "without any thanks or farewell", according to one of the discarded.

Shortly after an official announcement of the split with Microsoft, an anonymous e-mail was circulated which pointed out that Dataflow had registered E*Flow as a new business name with ASIC and reserved the domain name

The accusatory e-mail, which emerged from a temporary address, then went on to say that, having lost MS, there was a $60 million hole in Dataflow's revenues and that E*Flow was positioning to go direct with online software sales. Hot on the trail of the first e-mail came a second, this time from Dataflow CEO Jeffrey Tobias, who assured all the same recipients that there were no plans in place to bypass the channel it had been building for itself over 16 years of business.

"Unfortunately, the e-mail . . . was malicious and ill-conceived and contains many errors as well as information that is either untrue or fabricated in a way that makes it look plausible," Tobias' e-mail said.

Of the dozen or so former Dataflow staff now looking for work, sev-eral have been interviewed by Express Data, which appears to have aspirations of taking on much of the education and retail space Dataflow will only be servicing until June 30 this year.

Denying there are more staff to go in the near future, Tobias said: "We are just restructuring." But there are some nervous staff in Artarmon at the moment.

Digital reforming at Dell

by Sooty Mason

If you were an ex-Digital staffer with a distinct dislike for the way that Compaq handled the Digital acquisition, where would you go so as to exact revenge? Dell, obviously.

A flock of ex-Digital folk have followed former Digital PC boss Ralph Stadus over to the direct-dealing PC vendor.

Those that Tabloid know of include James Nicholas, sales manager, southern region, Greg Starkey, account executive, South Australia, Bernie Kelley, account executive, Queensland, Chris Vose, product marketing manager, Workstations, and Phil Patel, director for the Workstation line of business, working out of Singapore.

One imagines there will be even less love lost between the two warring camps now.

Robinson joins the dark side

by special guest Tabloid reporter Luke Skywalker

Guess who former Bay marketing manager Lisa Robinson is now working for. Yes, Robinson has sold her soul and is now doing contract work for arch-enemy Cisco.

Robinson isn't the only former Bay/Nortel rebel commander to join the "dark side" in recent times.

Tabloid understands there has been a veritable troop of former Bay people that have come under Darth Vader's command in the last couple of months. Well, at least there's a bright side for Nortel. The way it is leaking staff it shouldn't have any trouble adhering to the global restructure announced last month that was to see it shed 1000 jobs worldwide.

Competition result

Little Devil modem winners

Two weeks ago, ARN invited all aspiring stand-up comedians in the channel to send us their best modem or devil jokes for the chance to "witty" your way to a Little Devil modem, courtesy of Melbourne-based modem manufacturer AusLinx.

The Little Devils are on their way to James Ingleman from Ballina in NSW and Damion De Soto from Manly in QLD for their outstanding comic abilities.

Tabloid wishes to especially congratulate Ingleman for his chutzpah in making a tenuous modem link to his entry:

"I haven't got a modem joke per se but I really want one of those modems, so how about this one received by modem."

A doctor walks into his office and has a thermometer stuck behind his ear. His secretary notices this and points it out asking "Doctor why have you got a thermometer stuck behind your ear ?" The doctor reaches up to find there is indeed a thermometer behind his ear and responds "Oh darn, some bum's got my pencil."


At a recent function to warm its new distribution centre in Sydney, ERA/Ingram demonstrated one of its latest offerings - the definitive "White-box PC". You can now take it as read that the "ERA" is substituted by the "Ingram Micro".

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