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New OpenCom Software Delivers Significant Enhancements

  • 19 September, 2003 10:12

<p>16 September 2003</p>
<p>A major software upgrade for DeTeWe Australia’s OpenCom 100 convergent telephone systems has been released (version 5.0), delivering a number of substantial feature enhancements to an already powerful solution for both business and residential users. This release is seen as one of the most significant since the product launch last year onto the Australian market according to DeTeWe Australia Technical Director, Mr Nigel Keswick. “The amount of functionality we have added to the system via this software upgrade and the options now available to both new and existing customers will open up a whole new set of applications the OpenCom can support. It’s great for us and great for dealers and customers.”
V 5.0 Software Highlights</p>
<p>· Auto-attendant option (OpenAttendant 205)
· Multi-company tenanting option (OpenCompany 45)
· Extended Voicemail access – Increased from 2 port to 4 port, doubling user’s simultaneous access to the voicemail system.
· Group intercom (paging) announcements – A page announcement can now be made to a group of extensions (OpenPhone 6x desk handsets and OpenPhone 25 wireless handset).
· Additional Features on OpenCTI50 virtual phone – Enhancements include the ability to configure and control the operation of voicemail via OpenCTI 50 virtual phone software.</p>
<p>OpenAttendant 205 (Auto-Attendant)
OpenAttendant 205 provides automated call distribution and announcements, enabling incoming callers to direct their call to the most appropriate extension or department. Not only does this reduce the need to have a dedicated operator, but it also creates a professional first impression for a small business that may only have a small number of staff. Up to 5 parallel Auto-attendant systems can be setup enabling announcements for opening hours, company responsibilities, special offers and weather reports to name just a few. With up to 20 menus and 300 recordable audio files, a businesses customer service will really benefit from this application.</p>
<p>OpenCompany 45
The OpenCompany 45 option enables different businesses to not only share an office, but also the phone system. Up to 5 different companies can be individually identified, allowing calls to be answered in each company’s name. Every company has its own telephone book. The 2,000 entries of the telephone book are allocated between the central, the individual company and the users’ telephone book. OpenCompany 45 delivers all the functions necessary to separate the businesses from one another making it cost economical for small businesses to enjoy this great phone system.</p>
<p>The OpenCom series is comprised of 3 different system sizes, providing solutions to suit SME’s and residential users from as small as a single ISDN connection with a couple of handsets up to an ISDN primary rate connection and in excess of 250 corded and cordless users. There is a choice of 3 wired and 2 cordless system handsets to ensure that all user needs can be met.
DeTeWe AG is one of Germany’s leading telecommunications suppliers, with an annual turnover exceeding A$700m. Established over 100 years ago, DeTeWe have been supplying exchange infrastructure as well as end user equipment to Deutsche Telecom, currently representing around 75% of all customer premises equipment sold by Deutsche Telecom.</p>
<p>DeTeWe Australia is a part of the Wavelink Communications group, which specialises in the supply, marketing and support of a range of leading edge digital wireless telephone systems and associated products that provide cost effective business solutions to Australian organisations. Wavelink is also the exclusive Australian distributor for a range of products from Kirk telecom A/S of Denmark and the UK’s Blick Communications.</p>
<p>DeTeWe Australia
Contact: Nick Touzeau
Tel: +61 3 9832 4425
Fax: +61 3 9832 4455
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