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Aggressive LCD Pricing, Larger sizes and Widescreen Whet Appetites, Finds IDC

  • 30 June, 2006 17:53

<p>Apology from IDC</p>
<p>Note: Please disregard previous media release as the word "whet" was spelt "wet" in the headline ( "Aggressive LCD Pricing, Larger sizes and Widescreen Whet Appetites, Finds IDC" ). IDC are sorry to have caused any inconvenience.
Please use this media release instead.</p>
<p>NORTH SYDNEY, June 30th, 2006 - IDC has recently released the results for the Australia total PC monitor market in Q1 2006. Findings revealed that the Australian PC monitor market grew 12% sequentially and increased 11% from the same period in 2005. The branded market contributed greatly to the overall strong performance, posting a robust growth of 21% from the preceding quarter, while the OEM market increased 2% sequentially.</p>
<p>IDC key highlights for the Q1 2006 PC monitor market:</p>
<p>1) Strong Demand from Education and Government Sectors: The increase in demand from the education and government sectors was responsible for keeping the PC monitor market very buoyant throughout the quarter. Several branded vendors won and fulfilled some small-sized PC monitor tenders. This boosted their overall performance in 1Q06. On the OEM front, there were some notable PC desktop tenders during the quarter that also had PC monitor portions, benefiting mainly the Tier 1 PC desktop players. While education sales have tapered off, government spending is expected to peak in the next quarter, as both state and federal government departments strive to complete their purchases before the end of the financial year</p>
<p>2) Aggressive LCD Pricing: In a highly mature market lacking technological advancements and with limited ways to differentiate PC monitor offerings, vendors have had little choice but to pursue highly aggressive pricing strategies in order to meet sales targets. In 1Q06, all LCD size categories experienced a decline in average selling price with the minimum sequential decline being 6%, making LCD monitors more affordable and thereby more enticing to end users. On the panel front, the increased panel production capacity will continue to bring prices down and enable vendors to continue to pass on the cost savings to the consumer.</p>
<p>3) Large Sizes and Widescreen is Growing Popular: Larger sized LCD monitors have continued to gain traction in 1Q06, with vendors pursuing this market more aggressively, for mainly the higher margins. From the end user standpoint, larger sizes tend to be welcomed in the home, particularly for gaming or video/image applications. Large LCD monitors are also gaining popularity within the corporate space too. Widescreen is an additional feature that is gaining traction in the Australian PC monitor market, being offered by both branded and OEM vendors alike. It is expected that widescreen will continue to be an important feature moving forward as long as prices remain competitive when compared to the normal 4:3 aspect ratio equivalent.</p>
<p>Mercie Clement, Market Analyst, PC Hardware said, "Samsung finished the quarter in the top position with 19.1% share while LG Electronics maintained its second position in the Australian branded monitor market with 15.4% share. Meanwhile, BenQ climbed up to third place, with 14.8% share of the total branded monitor market and Acer finished in the fourth place with 11.7% share. Rounding out the top 5 was Mitsubishi with 10.8% share."</p>
<p>Top five vendors (branded market):</p>
<p># Samsung 19.1%
# LG Electronics 15.4%
# BenQ 14.8%
# Acer 11.7%
# Mitsubishi 10.8%
# Others 28.2%</p>
<p>For press enquiries please contact:
Mercie Clement
Market Analyst, PC Hardware
Phone: 61 2 9925 2258
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