Peer to peer: Wiring up a networked future

Peer to peer: Wiring up a networked future


ARN: How did the company come into being?

Anderson: The company was formed in 1985 and we were basically a corporate network provider. However, we started supplying microwave and LAN connections in 1991.

Today we are mainly wireless network providers, typically connecting buildings between 30 and 60kms apart.

We have offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane. Our reseller partners cover the rest of Australia.

What are your company's key strengths?

We buy and specialise in microwave communications technologies from US computer manufacturers. We have 10 microwave technology engineers on our staff.

That, combined with the fact we basically came from a computer, network and engineering background, means we are extremely strong in communications skills.

What areas of the industry are you keeping a close watch on?

We do a lot of work with ISPs and carriers. Obviously, provision of communications to clients that have Internet requirements is a core part of our business.

Demand for higher-speed access is also increasing. We work with a number of the computer companies because we have experience in a lot of the microwave fields that others don't have. We also get called on where there are mergers between two companies and there is a need to connect disparate buildings.

What are ADE Network Technology's key business strategies?

We're in the business of supplying fat pipes and the industry seems to be unable to be satisfied. It's like computers - you can never make them fast or big enough.

We recently introduced Fast Ethernet links and are moving to introduce OC/3 because it is a hot product. We are also introducing voice over IP for mobile applications. It's a multi-faceted approach.

What are your company's key business challenges?

Some of the jobs we do bring with them challenges we haven't faced before. Staff training in areas we are doing new business in is always a challenge. So, some of the problems we face are more of a technical nature.

We are also governed by the "green earth requirement" of some people. For example, we have to satisfy the public that we are not radiating everyone with microwave technology.

How would you describe your management outlook?

I think the future is quite bright. There are increasing requirements to put Ethernet links into remote places with satellite links. I've just come back from the US where I've been looking at different satellite technology and I think the future of that area is very bright. Technically, I think we have the skills set to offer this technology.

What is your attitude to partnering?

We have a very positive attitude to partnering. We partner with a great number of people from cablers and installers at the low end, and to carriers and large computer companies at the high end.

We rarely go end to end these days.


ADE Network Technology

Based: East Oakleigh, Victoria

Founded: 1985

Staff: 25

Turnover: $6 million annually

Growth rate: Around 25 per cent

Services: Wireless communications, LAN and WAN infrastructures, Internet connectivity

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