Customer call :Taking the good with the bad

Customer call :Taking the good with the bad

ARN: What channel partners do you deal with and how long have the associations been going for?

Newman: Intentia for 6 months, Vertex for 18 months.

What made you decide to partner with these organisations to begin with?

For Vertex the reason was a network implementation which required expertise and resources which we did not have in-house. Intentia was chosen because Movex software was selected as a year 2000 compliant solution for Kolotex and Intentia is the company which implements this software.

Have these partners lived up to your expectations?

Vertex has lived up to my expectations and I have been impressed with them. Intentia has not lived up to Kolotex's expectations. The Kolotex perception of the functionality that Movex could deliver was different from what the software actually could deliver. Although this indicates some fault on the part of Kolotex for not investigating the details of Movex functionality, the Kolotex staff involved in the selection process believe they were misled by Intentia at sales time.

Are you quite happy to stick with the partners you currently deal with?

We are happy to stay with Vertex for the moment. It will be necessary for us to have some sort of ongoing relationship with Intentia for as long as we use Movex, but we will attempt to minimise this.

What are your impressions of the broader integration market? Has the standard of services and workmanship improved, stayed the same or worsened?

I believe the standard of service overall has decreased. This is due to a lack of experienced integrators flooding the market in the wake of the high demand created by year 2000 implementations. This situation should improve in the future as demand for existing resources wanes.

A lot has been said in the channel about value-added services. Do you think your partners have been effective in providing you with special initiatives?

Vertex has to some extent. Intentia has not.


Business: Hosiery manufacturing

Located: Australia-wide, based in SydneyEstablished: 1958Case in point: Faced with overseas competition and Y2K compliancy, Kolotex recently replaced its existing system with a Movex ERP solution from Intentia. The move has met with some resistance to Kolotex.

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