Logitech to fly with WingMan Gamepad

Logitech to fly with WingMan Gamepad

Peripherals specialist Logitech has launched its attack on the PC controller market with the company's latest offering, WingMan Gamepad Extreme.

Using motion sensing technology from Analog Devices, which measures tilting motions across all angles, the WingMan Gamepad translates physical motion into on-screen action. This function can be enabled or disabled with a press of a button.

The eight-way D-pad can also be used to change points of view or camera angles. "Tilt gamepads aren't just for motorcycle games anymore," said Marco Manera, Logitech Australia's general manager. "Now, they are a great enhancement for other driving games and sports games such as soccer, as well as flying and space games."

The WingMan Gamepad will be bundled with a game that formerly required a joystick for control as well as Logitech software, which enables gamers to adjust the settings and sensitivity of the control for each individual game, which are stored for future sessions.

WingMan Gamepad Extreme

RRP $99

Requires Pentium-compatible PC with Windows 95 or 98Digital game port/USB interfaceG-Force Tilt technology from Analog DevicesLogitech WingMan Profiler software

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