Fujifilm's mobile darkroom

Fujifilm's mobile darkroom

Fujifilm is taking digital photography and printing mobile with the launch last week of its NX-70 digital printer and MX-2700 digital camera, designed to create a portable "digital darkroom".

Taking advantage of new thermo-autochrome technology, the NX-70 requires no inks, toners or ribbons to operate.

In addition, the printer is not dependent on a PC. Instead, Fujifilm has designed SmartMedia removable storage cards, which contain the imaging data, transferring the information directly to the printer. Requiring spe-cific paper, the NX-70 printer can out put 2-, 6- or 16-cut sheets.

Each picture is developed using Fujifilm's High-Chroma Processing System, which uses direct mapping to convert a digital camera's RGB to CMY data in around two minutes. The printer also has a video out cable, enabling users to create a slide show using a television.

The aluminium alloy MX 2700 digital camera includes a 2.3 million-pixel CCD sensor and a 35mm equivalent lens that can capture a resolution of 1800 x 1200.

In this mode, the camera can store up to 35 images on the 8MB SmartMedia card. In 640 x 480 mode up to 142 images can be stored.

The camera features a 2 inch polysilicon colour LCD screen with 130,000 pixels.

Hanimex distributes both the Fujifilm NX-70 digital printer and the MX 2700 digital camera.


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Fujifilm NX-70 printer

Width 270mm, height 80mm, depth 290 mm, weight 2.8kg$799 RRPPaper is $24.95 RRP for 20 thermo-autochrome sheets and 10 sticker print sheetsFujifilm MX-2700 digital camera240 gramsBuilt-in flashAuto playback2.5 x telephoto mode so users can zoom in on areas in the photoRechargeable lithium ion battery, which can take 250 shots when LCD screen is offVideo output and serial ports$1899 RRP.

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